George Chandler Parkinson


George C. Parkinson as a boy
from Mary Millet
George at age 17 (about 1874)
from Mary Millet

Sons of Samuel Rose and Arabella Chandler Parkinson
(called the "Buttermilk Picture")
Samuel C. and William may be the two in front,
George and Franklin in back.
from Pam Carson

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Southern States missionaries, 1881–82.
George is top right. Brother-in-law
Matthias Cowley is bottom left.
from Mary Millet

Mission to England, age 24
(about 1882)
from Mary Millet
Mission to England,
from Mary Millet
Mission to England,
from Mary Millet

Original carte de visite
Courtesy of Diane
Parkinson Colston
Reprint from Mary Millet

Detail of photo with Arabella sons
about 1904

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Lithograph from
Progressive Men of Bannock,
Bear Lake, Bingham,
Fremont, and Oneida Counties,
(Chicago: A. W.
Bowen & Co., 1904)

George and Lucy,
probably with Ann and her daughter Lucy,
Vera and her son Richard, about 1917
from Mary Millet
George with with sons George, Preston, and Parley,
1912, Franklin, Idaho
from Mary Millet

George, Fannie, and Aleida in West Jordan
on trip to see Preston at the sugar beet farm, about 1916
from Mary Millet
George with Maxwell 1916
from Mary Millet

George's home in Preston, Idaho, 1899
from Mary Millet
George in his office in the
Judge Building in Salt Lake City, 1918
from Mary Millet

Oneida Stake Presidency (Southern Idaho)
Solomon H. Hale, George C. Parkinson,
Matthias F. Cowley,
from Mary Millet

Oneida Stake Presidency
from Mary Millet

George, his daughter Vera, a grandson, and
Samuel R. Parkinson,
at Samuel R.'s house in Franklin, Idaho.
From Sam Smoot via Nan McCullough
(USHS also has a reprint).


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