Children of William Jared and
Alice Fleet Smart Pratt

The color shots below are from Glenn N. Rowe, and the black and white ones are from Sherral Hancock. I intend at some point to add large photos to go with these thumbnails. If you descend from William and Alice and would like me to hurry, please drop me a line (see below)!

Parley Parker Pratt, Jared Orlando Pratt, William Orson Pratt,
Leonidas Moroni Pratt, Thomas Henry Pratt

William Orson Pratt William Orson Pratt Sophia Keller,
wife of William Orson Pratt

Lona (Alice Malona) Pratt
and husband Ralph Bartlett
Lona and Katie Louisa Pratt Katie Pratt Garner

Lando, Mel, and Jim
Prob. Jared Orlando Pratt,
his sister Wealthy
Melissa's husband
James Edwin Thompson,
and James's brother
Hyrum Melvin Thompson
Wealthy Melissa
Pratt Thompson

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