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Last Updated: 10 January 2012

Samuel R. Parkinson

Samuel Rose Parkinson was born April 12, 1831 in Barrowford, Lancashire, England, and died May 23, 1919 in Preston, Idaho, USA. As a boy he moved with his family to Sydney, Australia, then Valparaiso, Chile, then to England again, and finally to St. Louis, Missouri, where he got his start in life as a drayman. After converting to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he drove his mule team to Utah Territory, where he settled in Kaysville, Utah, and was later a pioneer in Franklin, Idaho.

Samuel worked as a farmer, rancher, constable, storekeeper, and trader, ran a woollen mill, and had an interest in a silver mine. He served an exploration mission for the Church in Arizona, joined the United Order, had three wives and thirty-two children, and served a term in the Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise for his beliefs. He spent his retirement in the Logan Temple and did the work for hundreds of his ancestors and relatives.

Samuel's Wives

Arabella Ann Chandler Charlotte Elizabeth Smart Maria Hayter Smart

Why the "Samuel Rose Parkinson" Family Organization?

We love and want to honor all our pioneer ancestors equally. We're specifically interested in Samuel, Arabella, Charlotte, Maria, their children, and their children's spouses—all our aunts and uncles. As Samuel said, there are no "half" siblings in our family. The organization is named for Samuel because he's the one all of us cousins have in common!


Please watch this space for announcments over the next days and weeks. The new family organization board has yet to meet a second time to organize. Items on the agenda:

New Book Available

Samuel R. Parkinson

The Journals of Samuel Rose Parkinson, edited by Benson Y. Parkinson, features color images of each page of Samuel's journals, together with a faithful transcript. A full-color proof was on display at the reunion held July 23, 2011, in Salt Lake City. The book sells for $149 through Procedes will go toward donating copies of the book to research libraries.

Load and your browser and search on Samuel Rose Parkinson, or use this direct link to order.

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